What is Philaburbia Weather?

Philaburbia weather is a place where someone  living in the Philadelphia suburbs can look for their weather forecast and analysis.

I am Jason Hirsch and  am a 10th grader at an area high school. Weather to me is a hobbie and a love.

I feel that many TV stations, websites, and blogs focus too much on the city of Philadelphia and not on the areas surrounding the city. I decided a few days ago that I wanted to take a stand and made Philaburbia.

My goal is to make the weather more precise and specific for anyone from Philadelphia on Northward and also have some fun!

These are the counties where I will focus most of my forecasts in: Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Camden, and Burlington

I made a quick map to show the visual learner out there: 🙂

The Philaburbia Weather Coverage Area

Thank you for following the Philaburbia weather blog!


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