Forecast for Feb 9th and Beyond

Hello everyone. Before we get onto the three day forecast, I just want to reflect on the upcoming storm on Wednesday. We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning until midnight Wednesday. I think there could be a Blizzard warning as the day progresses Wednesday.

Here is my analysis:

Right now, there are two pieces of energy (or as common folk call them, storms!) in the midwest. As these two systems propel east by the jet-stream, they will phase together as one super large low pressure system off the New Jersey coast come Wednesday morning. Because of the significant phasing, the “nor-easter” will pretty much stall in the Atlantic for a few hours.

I have an image of what the phasing will look like according to the NAM weather model:

Phasing of the the Two Storms

Now, to the forecast

Tonight: Clear Skies and very cold, Low 14

Tomorrow: Increasing Clouds as the day progresses. Hi 32

Tomorrow Night:  Snow Likely Overnight. Accumulations of 4-6 inches. Low 25

Wednesday: Snow winds down as two systems phase in the morning. Snow picks up heavy in the afternoon. Blizzard conditions possible.  Additional snow accumulations of 6-10 inches. Hi 29

Wednesday Night: Heavy snow in the evening (1 to 2″ per hour rates?), then winding down overnight. Low 20

Thursday & Thursday Night: Clearing out with a partly cloudy sky. Hi 31 Low 17


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