Jim Kosek: Accuweather’s “CRAAZY” Weatherman

I have to give credit to yahoo.com for reminding about Jim Kosek, a meteorologist who works for accuweather.com. His primary job on the site is to report 90 second forecasts for cities and regions all over America. Me? I discovered that watching him can be an informative, yet hilarious way of finding out the weather.  The great part is that almost 100 percent of his forecasts are filled with screaming or using some sort of wacky prop, so you’ll never be bored watching him. Here are two of his videos:

This one is from a week ago for the storm last Saturday for Baltimore :

This one is from two days ago for the storm we just had:

His webpage on Accuweather.com can be found here: http://www.accuweather.com/video-on-demand.asp?channel=KOSEKJ&title=The%20Jim%20Kosek%20Channel



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