About Monday Night/Tuesday Snowfall

Well, we’re at that time again…another storm looks to be in eyesight for Monday Night. This one won’t be nearly as big as the last two. It is a “clipper” system which will ride through the midwest and wrap itself up off the New Jersey coast as a coastal storm. Right now, the strength and placement of this storm are in question. If the storm goes more to the south, we’ll only see 3-6 inches. If it comes close enough to the area, expect 6-10 inches of the white stuff. I am leaning more toward 6-10 right now, but you never know what may happen. Here is a preliminary snowmap I made for the area. It just outlines where snow will most likely fall:

Snowfall Map for Monday Night into Tuesday

Let me note to all kids out there that it MAY be possible that schools will close Tuesday giving some of you 7 day weekends (Wednesday, Thursday, Presidents Day long weekend, & Tuesday)


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