Snow Map for the Clipper Storm on Tuesday

Hi everyone, its Jason Hirsch.  It looks like this clipper storm will be giving us a general 3-6 inches of snow. I lowered the totals because it now looks like we may get a wintry mix for a time during the storm. I am still not sure how this storm will play out  because the weather models have been placing the low all over the place recently.

Here is my guess of how this storm will affect the area: Expect the snow to arrive Monday night at around 9:30. At times overnight the snow will become steady. It should be out of the area by 2:00 PM Tuesday. This is nothing compared to what we just had on Wednesday, but will still be troubling for the morning commute on Tuesday. Will students get off from school Tuesday? I have a feeling most schools will be delayed. In the areas with the most snow I would expect most schools in that area to be shut down for the day….

Here is the snow map I made for the storm. Note that this map is just my opinion:

Clipper Storm Snow Map

A winter storm watch has also been issued for counties north of Philadelphia. Here is the map of that from NOAA:

Winter Storm Watch Map

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