Week in Review: 2/8/10-2/14/10

Monday: Monday was one of the best days of the week to just go outside and prepare for the Wednesday storm. No clouds in the sky with light winds made for a picture perfect winter day

Tuesday: Tuesday morning was sunny and cold with lows in the teens. As the day progressed, skies became cloudier and eventually by nighttime snow started to fall.

Wednesday: If anyone dared to go outside on Wednesday (like I did) they would be hit by 35 mph winds and whiteout conditions. 16-25 inches of snow fell on Wednesday, shutting down schools, businesses, and government offices up and down the I-95 corridor. There were 400,00 power outages across the area with the m

Thursday: The day after was devoted for cleanup and plowing. Many schools were closed yet again because many people were still either snowed in or without power. Sunny skies prevailed as Thursday came to an end.

Friday: Friday was a beautiful day with clear and sunny skies until nighttime. Many people finally made it out of their homes. Businesses and schools were almost back to normal. The winds also died down on Friday

Saturday:  Cloudy skies were pretty much the dominating feature on Saturday as a low pressure system passed to the south of us. Still cold, but the snowpack from the last two storms finally started to melt.

Sunday: Sunday was an average winter day. It was cold, partly cloudy, and a little breezy. The big talk on Sunday was the next clipper storm set to come into our area Monday Night. NWS (National Weather Service) also issued a Winter Storm Watch on Sunday with predicted totals of 4-8 inches.

Here is an overview temperature and precipitation wise for the coverage area:

Total Precip:

Total Precipitation in Inches for the Week

Temperature compared to normal for the past week:

Temperature Compared to Normal for 2/8/10-2/14/10

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