Forecast for Friday February 19th and More About the Next Storm

I have been hearing much talk about the next threat of snow coming up on Monday night into Tuesday. Right now, it is hard to imagine an all snow event, according to the models there isn’t any high pressure feeding the cold air into the system. This cold air is what gives us those huge blizzards we’ve been getting!

The GFS model is going with a mix/slop approach to the storm…maybe correct (or maybe not ). I’m still leaning toward a 75% snowstorm and the rest a rain/snow mix. I know of a few meteorologists who  believe that this storm will pull the cold air in; just like every other storm we’ve had this season. Nobody is really sure right now in the “game” One thing I am confident in is that a  winter storm watch will be up by Sunday afternoon. I will have a preliminary map tomorrow night. Here is a precipitation type map from the latest GFS weather model which shows the wintry mix of precipitation (and some ice 😦 )

Precipitation Type Map Shows Wintry Mix for Area

And now for the forecast:

Tonight: Mostly clear very, very slight chance of a scattered flurry. Low 28

Tomorrow: Getting toasty 🙂 Sunny skies Hi 41

Tomorrow Night: Getting below freezing at night, watch for refreeze of melted snow Low 26

Saturday: Sunny skies, decent amount of snow-pack melting Hi 40 Low 26

Sunday: Becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon, another nice day though Hi 43 Low 28

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