Forecast for Sunday, February 21st to Tuesday, February 23rd

Difficult: that is all I have to say about the upcoming storm. The weather models are going all over the place and I may have to adjust my map tomorrow sometime…. One model, the NAM, is saying we get 6-8 inches of very wet and heavy snow. The other (GFS) is saying we get more like my snow map shows, but with 3 inches of rain!!! If this were to occur, major flooding from the melting of the snow-pack would plague the area. By tomorrow morning I will give you an update from the overnight models.

Here is the very undecided forecast for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday:

Tonight: Clear skies throughout the night Low 27

Tomorrow: Mostly clear in the morning becoming Partly cloudy by the afternoon Hi 43

Tomorrow Night: Partly to mostly cloudy Low 30

Monday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day with a chance of rain/snow by the evening Hi 40 Low 32

Tuesday: Mostly rain in the southern areas. Maybe a snowstorm for the northern areas… right now just going with mix/rain. Hi 38 Low 32

Tomorrow in the weather: New revelation of upcoming storm by 11:00 AM, another update in the evening (more of a specific snowmap)


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