Forecast for Monday the 22nd and Beyond

Sorry guys that I haven’t updated all day, its just been really busy for me lately…I promise I’ll be back full force tomorrow afternoon with my time-line of the next RAINstorm. Yes, it turned out that my map was right on about the upcoming storm. This upcoming week has been one of the hardest to forecast of the whole winter, I have no idea what is going to happen. The only thing I DO know is that there won’t be much sun for the entire week starting Monday and we are looking at THREE storm systems in our vicinity this week! And that leads up to my forecast:

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy throughout the day, rain arriving late Hi 41

Tomorrow Night: Rain, steady at times. Total rainfall of 1/2 inch. Low 34

Tuesday: Tuesday is in question… rain will slow down; drizzle throughout the day. Rain will pick up again at night from the second storm (maybe a mix in the northern coverage area) Hi 40 Low 32

Wednesday: Rain will slow up and maybe end as snow (that is a big maybe!!). Another lull of precipitation throughout the day with the third system arriving at night with rain (or mix) (or snow)! Very much in question. Hi 38 Low 32

What’s coming tomorrow you ask? The week past in review, the temp and precip compared to average of last week, and more on these very puzzling storm systems approaching our area!


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