The Past Week in Review

Welcome to the second weekly “week in review” post from Philaburbia Weather. We will start with last Monday and go to Sunday:

Monday the 15th: Clouds prevailed on Monday with a clipper system moving in during the night. Accumulations ranged from 1-3 inches of new snow on top of the foot of snow we had already.

Tuesday the 16th: Snow lasted in the morning fairly hard in places. Didn’t really stick to the streets, so traffic was steady throughout the day. Stayed cloudy into the afternoon and eventually we saw some sun by sunset.

Wednesday the 17th: Wednesday was plagued by some hit and miss snow showers in the area. If you weren’t under any showers, you had sunny skies with a brisk wind.

Thursday the 18th: The highs reached into the 40s on Thursday with pure sunshine. There was some gradual snow-melt also occuring on this day as we started the slow process of melting the snow.

Friday the 19th: Friday was mostly sunny and a little breezy. Temperatures we comfortable though with the high reaching once again into the 40s.

Saturday the 20th: Wind and sun prevailed once again on Saturday as for the third straight day, highs made it into the 40s. By this time, the snow-pack from the past few weeks was down a few hearty inches.

Sunday the 21st: Sunday was the warmest day of the week with highs in the mid 40s. Once again pure sunlight was in control for the entire day.

Here are some temp. and precip maps from the past week:

Temperature Compared to Normal for 2/15-2/21

And the total precip map from the past week (not that exciting because we didn’t get too much precip):

Total Precipitation for 2/15-2/21

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