The Snow Map and Explaination

I’m so sorry for the extremely long delay on my snow map; the application I use to make it kept crashing when I saved the map, so I had to keep starting over.

The Snowicane of 2010 is going to be a monster. It will go up the coast and stall out in over Short Hills NJ for a little while. As the storm stalls, it will also bring heavy snows and winds to our area for an extended period of time. The weather models have finally cut down the errors in their runs, so I am pretty confident about this storm. Here is the timetable for it:

6:00 AM Thursday: Snow starts up in most of the area, going from south to North

1:00 PM-7:00 PM Thursday: Heavy snows and Blizzard conditions plague the area during the afternoon on Thursday. Expect blizzard conditions and maybe a BLIZZARD WARNING.

8:00 PM Thursday- 8:00 AM Friday: During this time period, the storm will stall over North Jersey and bring moderate to heavy snow throughout Thursday Night

12:00 PM Friday: Snow starts to wind down and storm weakens and starts to pull out

1:00 PM Friday- 8:00 AM Saturday: Scattered Snow Showers throughout Friday

Note that there is a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect until 12:00 Pm Friday.


Snowicane Snow Map

Also, there is a storm that may hit the area next Wednesday, with some MORE snow!!! This could be the last snowstorm of the season!


3 thoughts on “The Snow Map and Explaination

    • There is a ok, let me repeat OK, chance of not having school tomorrow. We need the snow to start pretty early in the morning or at least have it close to us by 8:00 AM. Otherwise, it’ll be an early dismissal (probably 12:00 PM ish)

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