A Soggy Next Few Days in the Works

Update at 10:00 AM Sunday: Well, I was awakened this morning to a pleasant surprise: a thunderstorm. As I said before, there could be a few rumbles of thunder with this storm. It is still shaking at my house right now and steady rain is falling. So far the rain totals have been high: 2-3 inches so far around the area. We will see a few more of these isolated rain blobs with thunder move through today before the whole thing moves out by tomorrow.

Update at 10:00 AM:

Well, most areas have been getting a steady rain throughout the night. The winds are howling and its only going to get worse throughout the day. Widespread flooding of the smaller creeks and streams looks likely and possible for the major rivers. The storm will start to wind down tomorrow morning and will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon.

Get ready for the biggest soaker since fall this weekend. If you like staying inside and watching TV (NCAA BB conference tournament!) then this is the weekend for you. There is a flood watch already out for the area and its looking to be a widespread 2″-4″ inches of rain.

When will it be the heaviest: After looking over the latest models, the heaviest rain will fall Saturday afternoon into the evening. An occasional rumble cannot be ruled out Saturday night as well as a result of the arctic air clashing with the warm air.

Will there be widespread flooding in the area: Well, the highest rain totals should be down in South Jersey with lesser amounts the more north you go. Most of the area rivers flow from North to South and usually flood when areas likes Scranton and the Poconos get more rain then we do. I think a few minor rivers will flood, but the major ones (Delaware, Schuylkill etc.) will probably just swell up.

Can you give us the radar image of the storm as it passes through the area? Sure! Here it is:


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