A Blog Post: WOW

Finally! The relief of a Philaburbia Weather Blog post is here. This post will be nothing special than any other post that I have done. The fact is that the weather became very dull over the past few weeks…who wants to read that the next seven days will be sunny?

The reason I am posting is because a rainstorm that is looking to really give us a soaking Tonight, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. There is a low pressure system in the midwest right now giving them severe weather and heavy rain. This storm will progressively move northeast over the next few days, placing our area in the danger zone. Here is the GFS model prediction for Sunday morning:

Rainstorm Coming Up

I also wouldn’t be surprised if a flood watch is issued soon just for precaution. My recommendation for the weekend is to get outside Saturday, because it will not be nice for a little while!


5 thoughts on “A Blog Post: WOW

  1. Finally you post and you messed it up. You said to get out this weekend when it’s going to rain on Sunday!!!! Now, everybody will get up tomorrow morning to enjoy one more day without rain, and SURPRISE!!!!!…….. IT’S RAINING!!!!!!!

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