There’s A Warm Up Coming!!

The wind and cold will end by Friday! A “Bermuda High” (High Pressure over Bermuda) will bring in tropical air over the weekend and really warm the area. Temperatures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be in middle 80s. By next week, the cooler air will return as the Bermuda High is pushed out by a cold front Sunday Night.

Here is a map to explain::

Warm Up

Note: Allergies will be bad this weekend, so make sure to take benadryl or claritin.

Tonight: Windy and clear. Getting near freezing, watch for frost. Low 38

Tomorrow: A little warmer with partly cloudy skies Hi 68

Tomorrow Night: Cool and clear. Bermuda High moves in Low 50

Friday: Warm and sunny Hi 81 Low 60

Saturday: Even warmer and sunny Hi 84 Low 63


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