The Summer of 2010: Droughts and Heat Waves

The drought of 2010 continues as temperatures sour into the 100s. Today (7/7) temps will be in the upper 90s and lower 100s. Yesterday, Trenton recorded a high temperature of 104 degrees! 5 people have died from the heat in Philadelphia and thousands of people have lost power. Over the past 30 days, the area has gotten less than 50% of their normal rainfall illustrated by the following map:

30 day % of normal precip

The heat has also been extremely above normal the past 15 days, as shown in the map below:

14 day % of normal temp

This heat and dryness has also taken a toll on plants and wildlife as trees and grass start to dry up. The area is also under a code red air advisory and an Excessive Heat Warning for today. Do not spend more than an hour outside without a drink or rest!

We will finally have a chance of rain on Friday and Saturday as a frontal boundary passes through the area.


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