We Look to the Future

Hello everyone. As the title of this post says, we will be looking at what’s going on in the long range forecasts. For the next 9 days we will be having beautiful (and warmer) weather in the area as high pressure will rule for the most part to our north and south. As we head into next Wednesday however, a low pressure will form in the Gulf of Mexico. It will then cut through the southeast and dart northeast. This type of path is very similar to what we saw in some of the large noreasters last year.

Now the storm after that is looking to hit on the Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving. This storm has shown up on two straight GFS’ runs. This is extremely rare for a storm so far away to show up on two straight model runs. I do believe that there will be a storm around that time period but I have no idea who it will effect. These details will get ironed out as we get closer.

Future Long Range Storm

I will of course keep you updated on these two upcoming storms as time progresses. Otherwise enjoy your 9 days of nice weather, because it’s gonna get rough after that!


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