Forecast and Upcoming RAINstorm

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and seasonal temperatures over the past few days. I want to look ahead to our next storm system, which is looking to come next Tuesday or Wednesday. Forecast models have been showing a low pressure cutting through the Southeast and into the Northeast. Let me make it clear: this will not be a snowstorm! We just do not have the cold air and the sun angle for a snowstorm. After looking even further ahead, it looks like we won’t be even thinking about snow until after Thanksgiving.

Here is my forecast prediction of next week’s storm:

Preliminary Map for 17th Storm

And now for the forecast:

Friday: Sunny and warm High 60 Low 40

Saturday: High pressure in control High 61 Low 40

Sunday: Sunny in the morning, becoming partly cloudy by the afternoon High 62 Low 39

Monday: Partly to mostly cloudy becoming cloudy by the evening High 59 Low 41

Tuesday: Rain arriving in the morning High 60 Low 49


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