Friday Storm Looking Like a Nuisance; Storm Next Week Looks Good

Hi everyone, I am doing a tiresome late night post about the upcoming Friday storm and the more favorable storm next Wednesday.

Friday Storm: This Friday, a clipper system will move west through the area and eventually phase with a low pressure out to sea. The models haven’t been handling this storm as well as the Post-Christmas storm. Everything has to fit like a jigsaw puzzle for this coastal storm to form: the clipper has to be in the right place at the right time, as well as the low in the Atlantic. From the latest model consensus, I would say a good 2-4 inches of snow will fall on average throughout the area. The northern areas will most likely get more than the southern because at this point, the coastal is expected to form near Cape Cod. I would also expect a Winter Weather Advisory to be posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Travel problems for the Friday storm: There will undoubtedly be traffic problems during the day Friday as the clipper moves through and strengthens in the afternoon. I do not believe any schools will let out early, but if any increase in snow intensity is shown on the models, some schools could let out early.

About the January 12th storm: I am really liking the looks of this storm. Even though some of the computer models have been showing an out to sea scenario, I believe that the setup is perfect for a major snowstorm. I am talking about this early just to give everyone a heads up and to beat the local TV news stations of its coverage. The GFS has been showing a major snowstorm and the EURO has been going back and forth. I would say the best chance for any schools being closed this season will be for the storm next Wednesday. Even though this is a bold statement, I really feel that the setup is perfect for a Nor Easter next week. I will be posting more about this storm as more details are ironed out.

Sorry guys, no pictures today, I’ve been very busy with school and the works. Tomorrow if I have time, I’ll post a snow map of Friday’s storm and more details of next Wednesday’s Nor Easter.


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