Latest on the Storm

Update: 11:30 PM:

Snow is really starting to band throughout the area and we are seeing isolated 2-3 inch per hour rates. The snow should start to slow down by 4 AM and be totally out of the area by 8 AM. I will have pictures tomorrow morning as I have a day off from school!

Well, parts of the area are already seeing some light snow as the low pressure in the Ohio Valley moves to the east. There have been some changes to the timeframe and totals a little bit. The snow will start a little earlier than I though and probably end a little earlier as well. Also the low in the Ohio Valley has turned out to be a bit stronger, which means that the phase between the coastal low and the Ohio low won’t happen until the storm is practically over New England. This means slightly lower totals for the southern part of the area (Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia). Totals should keep the same in the northeastern areas (Bucks, Mercer, Hunterdon) as these areas will be closer to where the storm phases.

Here are some specific snow total predictions:

1. The City of Chester, Delaware Co.: 3 inches

2. Philadelphia: 4-6 inches

3. Hatboro, Bucks Co. 5-7 inches

4. Trenton, Mercer Co. 8-11 inches

As you can see the totals will go up the more northeast you go.

Here is a live radar image of the storm to keep track as the night progresses:


Storm radar

I will have updates as the night progresses….


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