Review of the 1st Snowstorm of 2011

Well, our first storm of 2011 has pulled away into New England, leaving us with sunny skies. The snow totals increased the further up the I-95 corridor you went. The storm was a quick hitter, with the snow falling for only 8-9 hours. Snow rates reached 2-3 inches per hour during the height of the storm, which accounted for most of the totals. At my house in Bucks County, I received a little under 8 inches of snow.

Here are some other snow totals:

1. Rocky Hill, Somerset County: 9.0 inches

2. Lawrenceville, Mercer County: 8.0 inches

3. Morrisville, Bucks County: 7.9 inches

4. King of Prussia, Montgomery County: 6.3 inches

5. Philadelphia: 5.2 inches

And here are some pictures in my backyard:

Snow on Evergreens
Another Picture of Snow

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