A Very Interesting Storm Coming Wednesday into Thursday

Hi everyone! I’m really sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, but this weekend was absolutely crazy for me.

Now to the weather! As of right now, a low pressure system is being formed in the Gulf of Mexico, giving Louisiana heavy rains. This storm system will intensify and ride the coast bringing all its moisture with it. This storm will not be all snow. The arctic trough won’t phase with the storm and bring the cold air in for a major Nor Easter.

The storm will start as wet snow Wednesday morning, then most likely turn to a mix of snow, sleet, and rain. It has been extremely difficult to pinpoint where exactly the mix/snow line will be on Wednesday. My forecast could change by tomorrow or even tomorrow night, as we actually observe the temperatures and storm position as it moves northward.

By Wednesday evening, the mix will turn to all snow. It will get extremely heavy at times during the overnight hours Wednesday. Because this will be a heavy wet snow, it will create a lot more problems for the trees and power lines Thursday morning.

Schools: I really have no idea what schools are going to do at this point. It really depends on how far the mix/snow line moves north and when the heavy snow starts. By tomorrow night, I will be much more confident about how the snow will affect the schools.

As of the GFS model at 4 PM, it shows the rain/snow line running through Northwest Philadelphia, to Yardley, then into Princeton area. This map shows the rain snow line in bold:


Rain Snow Line Close to Philly




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