The Final Forecast for the Ice Storm (Updates will be posted on this entry)

Ice totals are going to have to be raised throughout the area tonight. Temperatures have stayed in the 20th in the suburbs throughout the day today. They will stay below freezing until mid-late morning tomorrow. This means a longer period of freezing rain and more ice. Roads will be terrible until midday tomorrow and there will be widespread power outages, especially in the northern parts of the area. I have a feeling many people won’t even be able to get out of their driveways.

Also, if you have a car that is left outside tonight, be wary that .4 – .7 of an inch of ice will accumulate on your vehicle. If possible, try to put all cars in a garage to save alot of time tomorrow morning defrosting.

Schools will be closed tomorrow if everything goes as planned (meaning temperatures will stay below freezing into mid morning). There is always a chance for a bust in the forecast, just like this morning. Ice storms are particularly hard to forecast because of their involvement with both the upper and lower atmosphere and their respective temperatures.

We have another storm coming Saturday which could once again give us a wintry mix. When will this winter end?

AND here’s the live radar as always (note that this radar is going to have trouble interpreting between a wintry mix and rain):

Live Radar

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