Review of the Ice Storm; More Storms Coming Saturday, next Tuesday, and next Friday.

One of the worst ice storms in the past decade hit the Philadelphia suburbs this morning as 1/3-2/3 inches of ice fell in most places. The storm didn’t have any huge surprises, luckily, and left the area in the mid-morning leaving a foggy mist to invade most places. All schools were delayed or closed, and travel was fairly treacherous on the side roads until the afternoon when temperatures had risen above freezing.

Tomorrow, there will be very bad refreezing. Temperatures will fall way below 32 degrees tonight and any wet surface will turn into an ice slick. I have a feeling that most schools will be delayed tomorrow to give buses and temperatures time to rise in the morning.

Saturday we have another storm coming. It is looking like a snow/ice mixture for places north of the city and a wintry mix from the city south. Then Tuesday we have another system coming. Details aren’t really clear for this storm, but as we get closer I’ll make sure to keep you posted. Tomorrow or Friday I’ll talk a little more about Saturday.

3rd on my agenda for today’s post is Mr. Punxsutawney Phil and his winter prediction. As many of you know, Phil called for an early spring. Even though it sounds insane, I going to have to agree with the groundhog. Temperatures are looking to rise in Mid-February as the real La Nina tightens it’s grip. And on my snow day on Groundhog Day I watched the movie, Groundhog Day!!! Great and hilarious movie; if you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it when you have some time.

Lastly, here are some EPIC pictures of the ice this morning:

An Icy Morning
Ice Coating a Branch

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