Two Nuisance Storms on Two Consecutive Days

The computer models are finally in agreement for the next “double barrel” storm. At this point, it is looking that we’ll get 1-3 inches of snow later tonight into tomorrow morning. Roads should be fine because of the warmer temperatures we’ve had recently. There is a Winter Weather Advisory for Philly northward, but I believe road conditions will be perfectly fine tomorrow morning.

The storm after that could be a little more unpredictable. As of right now it is looking like another 1-3 inches Tuesday morning. Again, nothing serious and the roads should be decent enough to travel on. I am concerned that the second storm could have precip more north than the models are projecting. With that said, I will not let my guard down for the second storm. I will keep checking ever run to see if any changes have ensued.

Just a note on the Meteorology lesson: I will be talking about low pressure systems after the storms coming up (AKA Tuesday).

And finally some long-range input for anybody who’s curious about whats coming up in the weather:

1. After the double trouble storms, temps should rise. A soaker is looking possible on Friday (2/25) with a change to snow at the end

2. March 1-3: This is the next chance for a snowstorm. I am getting the feeling that this could be our last real storm until spring.

3. After March 3rd temperatures should stay below freezing.


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