Rain Rain Go Away

Wow, after an extremely tough last week of my trimester and a sickness over the weekend, I have finally posted.

So much  has gone on over the last 2 weeks. There’s been rain, then some more rain, then a rainstorm. This is what weathermen live for (not really)! The spring is always a time of monotonous weather; temperatures are too warm for any frozen precip and they’re too cold for any severe weather. With the exception of last spring, the months from March-May generally are marked by a brief period of warmth, followed by a rainstorm, followed by a windy day.

This is exactly what is happening this week. After a pretty large rainstorm passed through on Sunday, another one will arrive on Thursday. Rainfall totals could range from 1-2 inches. Tuesday will be probably the nicest day of the week with temps in the upper 40s and calm wind. On Wednesday, clouds will take over the skies. By Thursday, temperatures will be in the mid-50s, but a steady rain will fall for most of the day. Friday will be a windy day, with temperatures around 50 but feeling like they’re 40.


Rainstorm March 10th



After this week, temperatures will rise with more rain in the forecast… welcome to spring!



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