Record Warmth Monday, Nice for the Rest of Week

Ahh, finally. Some warm weather. This time is probably the least busiest of the year for meteorologists in the Philly area. Hurricane season hasn’t started, snow is over, and the severe weather season hasn’t really begun. After a LONG winter of stress and anxiety, I am ready for the well deserved break.

Tomorrow highs will climb into the 80s. The sun will be shining and a light southerly wind will bring in a warm breeze. Records will be shattered tomorrow in the area. In Philadelphia, a record could be broken for more than a hundred years ago!

There will be a chance of some strong to severe storms tomorrow evening however as a cold front will sweep by the area, bringing temperatures for the rest of the week into the 60s (still not bad though).

I am a little concerned that some of the storms tomorrow could be stronger than what the news stations are currently advertising. Warm air will obviously be in place, destabilizing the atmosphere. By the late afternoon, I could see a very formidable squall line barreling across Pennsylvania into the Philaburbia region. Just keep an eye to the skies tomorrow after 4 PM because you never know what might pop up.


Slight Risk of Severe Weather Monday




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