Stormy Weather for the Next Few Days

UPDATE 3:15 PM Wednesday: There is a Severe Thunderstorm heading to Bucks and Mercer counties. Right now it is over Lansdale, Montgomery County. Expect it at Doylestown at 3:35 and Richboro at 3:50. It will be in NJ closer to 4:15. If you hear thunder, move indoors immediately!


After a fairly quiet week and a half, we are going back to the stormier pattern for the end of this week. A frontal boundary to our north has brought in an unstable air mass, which will harvest strong thunderstorms and some isolated super-cells for the next few days. These storms will be widespread, but scattered. Philadelphia may get 4 or 5 severe storms over the next few days, and Doylestown may get none. It really all depends on location. As I’ve said in previous posts, keep your eyes to the skies. If you see any dark clouds approaching, move inside and secure any outdoor furniture. These storms have the potential to cause a decent amount of damage where they hit.

Here is the simulated radar for later today. According to this model, parts of the area would be experiencing a severe thunderstorm (as shown by the yellow color over the Philadelphia area):

Sim Radar for 6/22

As of right now, there are two cells of concern that are approaching the area. One is in northern Montgomery, moving east. The other is just north of Baltimore, moving almost stationary. I expect that more storms will be flaring up as the day progresses, so I have posted a live radar on this post to keep people informed.

Live Radar

Live Radar

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