Get Ready for Extreme Heat This Week

It is going to get very hot later this week as a powerful high pressure set up in the Midwest will bring in warm and humid southern air. Temperatures will be in the upper 90s or maybe even 100 degrees later this week. There is no rain in sight after tonight (some nasty storms could pass through the area tonight), so plants and trees could start to show signs of wilting by next weekend.


I also wanted to talk a little about the tropics, as it is starting to heat up. We have Tropical Storm Bret out in the Atlantic right now. It shouldn’t be any threat to land, other than the Bahamas. There have been signs of late that another storm will form next week… details are vague at the moment. As of right now, it is looking like an active hurricane season coming up this year.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready for Extreme Heat This Week

    • I did see that article. I enjoyed it very much.
      I just hope the weathermen and women gain more respect over the coming years for the hard work put into this field.

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