Quiet Weather Pattern Will Continue Through Thanksgiving

We have had quite a long stretch of nice weather since our major snowstorm a few weeks ago. The jet has shifted, bringing the cold air and storminess into the Midwest. Our weather pattern should stay quiet for the next few weeks.  Long range models have not been showing much in terms of snow or even rain (except for a few isolated showers). In my opinion, this stretch of nice weather will be the final transition before winter begins. After December 5th, the cold and stormy pattern should start-up again.

Here is the North American Oscillation. As you can see, it is forecast to be neutral/slightly positive for the next few weeks before. After that, things get fussy. The ensembles have a large discrepancy by December, illustrating the possibility of a pattern shift.

Note: A more positive NAO signifies a quiet weather pattern in the East Coast, while a more negative NAO signifies an active one.