No More Boxing Day Storm, But Still Something to Watch for Tuesday

23 12 2011

Well, our Boxing day storm has officially been ruled out by the forecast models and meteorologists alike. A few days ago, it seemed that a few of the models weren’t handling the storm correctly, creating a bit of uncertainty. But, as we got closer and closer to the event, all models were in agreement: no storm on Boxing Day.

So, for our upcoming weather. Christmas Eve should be nice, but cold. Highs may not make it out of the 40s tomorrow. Christmas day should be a bit warmer, but still dry. No white Christmas this year folks… hey, there’s always next year! Monday will be the transition day, as it looks like a piece of energy will intensify into a low pressure system and turn northward. Where the turn takes place is still in question. Right now snow does not look likely from this storm, even if it takes a favorable path. Not enough cold air aloft will make it difficult for snow to fall. Things could change though, and the nao is turning negative, which is usually a sign of a stormy pattern coming up. Stay tuned.

5 Day Forecast

And finally: GO EAGLES (AND JETS)!!




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