Heavy Rains Overnight; Some Snow Thursday Night into Friday

Heavy rains are moving north as a strong low pressure system moves northward. The I-95 corridor is on the warm side of this storm, and temperatures could reach 60 tomorrow. As the storm pulls away, a “flash freeze” could occur. Temperatures will plummet drastically and swiftly. By late Thursday, temperatures will be near freezing as a secondary low moves in. Snow is a definite possibility from this weaker system as there will be plenty cold air aloft. Totals will not be high. At most an inch of snow could fall on grassy surfaces by Friday morning.

Some Snow Friday Morning

Winter continues uneventfully this weekend with sunny skies and frigid temperatures. Our next system to watch is for next Wednesday and Thursday (18th-19th). Right now the teleconnections and models are not favoring a major storm with snow.

Many people have been asking me about the lack of snow this winter. The La Niña (Eastern-Central Pacific ocean temperature anomaly) turned out to be much, much stronger than I originally anticipated during the Fall. Right now, there have been signs that the La Niña is weakening and maybe even changing to an El Niño. Our weather for the next few weeks will reflect a similar pattern to what we have had this winter. But, I believe that February will bring a major change. I could be wrong, I could be right. That is the amazing part about the weather: anything could happen at anytime. Stay tuned as winter continues.


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