Another Nuisance Snowstorm Tomorrow Morning, Followed by Brutal Cold

Yet another nuisance snowstorm will affect the area early Saturday into the afternoon. This system is a bit more expansive than the one that hit on Wednesday. Moisture is being brought up from the gulf, and the storm has the strength to bring in its own cold air. The models have been fairly consistant about this storm and it is looking like 1-3 inches around Philadelphia with 2-4 inches further north. New York City could even see 3-6 inches as the storm strengthens over the Atlantic.

NAM Model 7 AM Saturday

Roads will be slippery tomorrow morning, but they should be mostly wet by the afternoon. Following the storm, extremely cold air will be coming in. It will be windy and freezing on Sunday, as well as Monday. Our next chance of snow will likely be Wednesday, probably only a coating.

Till next time – Jason