Philaburbia is Back: Cool-down Mid-Week; More About our Impending Drought

Hey everyone, sorry for the “drought” of posts the last two weeks. It has been hectic lately for me.

So, the last few weeks have been seasonable, dry, and sunny. Our pattern since early March has been dominating the country. The Bermuda high from mid-March is gone, but the dry weather continues. A strong high has cemented itself in the midwest, but will slowly move east over the next two weeks. By next week, the high will be in the Atlantic and warmer weather (70s) will return. After that, it is looking that a few rainy days are likely into late April.

This week, look for a bit of a cooldown and a slightchance of showers. A weak low pressure disturbance will spin in the Atlantic and bring us some windy conditions, an isolated shower, and partly to mostly cloudy skies until Thursday. Highs will be in the 50s before going back to the 60s midweek.

More about the possible drought:

Impending Drought

Because of the lack of precipitation over the last four months, a drought could be coming for the summer. In my opinion, I do not think this drought will last. We are headed into a weak El Niño, and historically, we have had wetter than average summers during these years. Currently, there is a major threat for wild fires. Red flag warnings will continue to be issued by the National Weather Service.

Heading into Weak La Niña by June

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