Stormy Weather Tomorrow Night… Big Rainstorm Storm on Sunday

Hi everyone. The quiet weather we’ve been having for the past month and a half will come to an end this weekend. Our drought, as well, will be coming to an end after this weekend.

There are two parts to this storm:

Part 1: Squall Line Saturday Night

A squall line associated with a cold front will barrel through the area Saturday night. Storms could be strong to severe with this line as it passes through. Here is a picture of the simulated radar of the squall Saturday night:

WFF simulated radar 11 PM Saturday

Part 2: The nor’easter.

After the squall line moves through, it will phase with a low pressure system moving north. A large and strong nor’easter will form and move northeast, then west into New England Sunday night. This storm will be a major rain maker, and snow could even fall in interior New England and Western PA. Around 3-4 inches of rain will fall by Monday evening. There has been some debate how strong this storm will actually get. If the cold front phases with the storm, it will be strong. If the phasing is weak, then the storm will be weaker. The amount of rain we receive will be based off of the strength and exact path of this storm.

Large Rainstorm 11 PM Sunday

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