Moderate Risk of Severe Storms Today

For the second time this year, we are under a moderate risk for severe weather. A warm front moved through the area earlier this morning, which will push temperatures into the upper 90s later today. A frontal boundary is set up to our west and will push eastward into tonight. Large clusters of supercells will accompany bowing lines of storms later this evening along the front. CAPE values will also increase throughout the day, causing the atmosphere to become increasingly unstable. The heat, combined with an unstable atmosphere, is a classic recipe for a severe weather outbreak.

Wind Probabilities

The biggest threat with these storms will be wind damage. But an isolated tornado or hail report would not surprise me. As daytime heating occurs, storms should start to pop up in Western PA; when these storms do start to flare, I’d expect a Severe Thunderstorm Watch to be issued.

Sim radar 7 PM tonight

Remember, if you can hear thunder, then go inside as soon as you can. These storms today will pack quite a punch where they hit. 


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