Hurricane Sandy Live Updates

Sandy has arrived.

11 AM Update:

Hurricane Sandy has intensified overnight. Her minimum central pressure is now 943 mb. This will break many low pressure records in NJ and other mid-atlantic states. Maximum sustained winds are 90 mph with gusts to 115 mph. I am truly concerned for the Philadelphia region as we head into tonight. I cannot imagine 90 mph winds from Sandy’s eyewall hitting the region. She is expected to make landfall at around 9-10 PM tonight near Atlantic City. So far, not too many power outages have been reported. This will likely change as the winds increase today and tonight. Check back for more updates today and tonight. Stay safe.

9 PM update:

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Sandy is located 280 miles east-southeast of Cape Hatteras and 485 miles south-southeast of New York City. Maximum sustained winds are currently 75 mph with gusts to 90 mph. Minimum central pressure is 950 mb, which normally signifies a category 2 strength storm. Sandy’s hurricane force winds extend out to 175 miles from the center. Tropical force winds extend out to 580 miles from the center. 

Sandy is expected to continue northeast before taking a turn west toward the Jersey coast. Major storm surge will flood many coastal areas including NYC. Mandatory evacuations are active for the entire NJ coastline. This storm is not like Irene last year. Sandy is coming inland with a much larger wind radius. Stay safe and smart.

Here is a live tracking map:

Live Satellite Imagery:


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