After Destructive Sandy, Another Coastal Storm Next Week

It really has been an unfortunate week for millions of people along the East coast. Sandy caused over 100 billion dollars in damage and 98 deaths in the United States. Millions of people still remain without power and the Jersey shore has become uninhabitable in many places. It really is sad that weather can cause so much destruction and sorrow.  I want to ensure people to keep their heads high. With all the support coming in from government and charity organizations, the Northeast will soon be back to the way it was pre-Sandy.

Now, to the weather:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially when it comes to the weather. Unfortunately, we have another coastal storm coming next Wednesday. Luckily, this system will not be nearly as strong as Sandy. Like Sandy, it will primarily be a rain and wind maker. Even with the lack of cold air aloft and at the surface, the far NW suburbs could see some snow out of this system. Rainfall totals could reach 2 or 3 inches by the time the storm pulls away. Winds could also gust to 30 or 40 mph, especially along the coast.

European Wed 8 PM

I will post additional entries if there is a change in the storm’s track or precip type as we head into next week.


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