Short Review for Post-New Years Snowstorm

Hi everyone. Todays post will be on the shorter side as I am currently blogging from the Caribbean and my Internet connection is very poor.

A storm system will intensify from the southeast and ride up the coast, which will drop a general 4-8 inches of light, puffy snow in the Delaware Valley. Higher totals in excess of a foot will occur in New York and New England.

NAM snow totals
NAM snow totals

This storm will be a fast mover, as there isn’t much blocking ahead of the storm. The snow will likely start later Thursday night and end by Friday afternoon. Because the temperatures will be in the teens during the storm, snow ratios will be high and the snow will accumulate very rapidly.

Travel on Friday will be poor and winds will be fairly high during the storm. There will likely be massive airport delays in Friday morning during the height of the storm. Many schools will likely be closed as well. After the snow, another system will affect the region on Sunday/Monday. This storm looks to be primarily rain at this point.

Happy New Year everyone!


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