Our Astonishing Winter Continues; Preliminary Preview of the Early March Snowstorm of 2014

Hey everyone.

“There can’t be! There’s no way. There won’t be!” Those are only some of the phrases I have heard this week after telling people about the upcoming major storm on its way.  Today, I will cover some of the general details of this storm. Tomorrow’s post will cover more of the details including timing and my snow-map.

A low pressure system that is currently drenching California with much-needed rain (severe storms in LA) will move across the country and gather a substantial amount of moisture tomorrow and Sunday. The storm will become elongated as it partially phases with another piece of energy before this snake of precipitation moves through the region. The timeframe for this storm will be from Late Sunday night to early Tuesday morning.

GFS model 1 PM Monday
GFS model 1 PM Monday

This will be a very long and drawn out storm. A round of heavy precipitation will start on early Monday morning and won’t end until the nearly the same time the next day. While there has been some model inconsistencies regarding the exact path of this storm, there looks to be enough cold air in the upper atmosphere to support snow for most of the storm. South Jersey and Philadelphia could mix a little bit during the storm it it comes further north, but this shouldn’t be enough to alter snow totals significantly.

More details will be discussed in tomorrow’s post.  Overall, this will likely be very significant storm with totals exceeding 6 inches in most places in the Delaware Valley. Welcome to March. 

Until then…..


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