Messy Saturday Coming. Snowy Monday as Well?

Hey everyone. Quick post here.

We are looking at a very messy and slushy overnight and Saturday as a large storm system will ride the coast in the next 12-24 hours. While I was wrong with my initial thoughts of a plowable snow event, I was correct when I said there is just not enough cold air aloft to produce snow.

NAM Saturday Morning
NAM Saturday Morning

The precipitation will start in the next few hours and continue throughout the day tomorrow. Snow totals will likely be around 2-4 inches north of Philadelphia and 1-2 inches to the south. Precipitation will initially start as snow then switch over to rain sometime tomorrow morning before changing back to snow by tomorrow afternoon. The storm should be over by tomorrow night.

NAM Saturday Evening
NAM Saturday Evening

I am also tracking a clipper system which will ride through the area on Monday. Many of the models are keeping the storm suppressed to the south at this point, which would mean lower totals for the region. Regardless of the amount of snow, travel conditions on Monday will not be ideal. I would not rule out school cancellations and numerous travel delays. I will go more into detail for this storm in the coming day or two.

Euro Monday Morning
Euro Monday Morning

Other than that, drive slow tomorrow and enjoy the slushy mess!


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