What is an Alberta Clipper?

Well, seeing as our area will be affected by an Alberta clipper, it seems fit to explain what exactly an Alberta clipper is. As indicated by the name, Alberta clippers come from…… Alberta!!! Well, not always, but they come all the way from the north of Canada. These storms generally have high snow ratios and generally dump their heaviest snow over the midwest. However, this one may be different. This Alberta clipper will wind itself up off the coast and likely bring its heaviest snow on, or just west of (depending on the track) the I-95 corridor.


Epic Storm Story from Brett’s House

Yesterday was a wild day across the area. I actually got out and walked around a bit with my dad and sister and we witnessed the wrath of this storm first-hand. First of all, we saw a car go slipping and sliding down the road into a snow drift. While my dad was trying to push the car out of the drift, I noticed that a large branch had fallen on a transformer box and was on fire. Shortly after, it exploded in a shower of colorful sparks and flame. This marked the beginning of a 20 hour period in which we did not have power. In fact, we only just got power at 11:00. Although I don’t have a yardstick to out and measure the snow with, I think I got about 20 inches. That’s all from me, for now.

Snow Bound Car
Snow Canyon Path