03/27/10: A Chilly Weekend Followed by More Rain

Temperatures dropped into the 40s today as a low pressure system passed to our South. High pressure will prevail to our north while bringing in the cold Canadian air. By Monday however, another storm system will once again pass over the region and turn into a coastal system giving the coverage area a decent soaking. There is a flood watch also in effect for the region until Tuesday afternoon. Things finally look to clear out by the end of next week.


Tonight: Mostly Clear and cold Low 33

Tomorrow: Becoming cloudy by the afternoon; a little warmer Hi 54

Tomorrow Night: Rain moves in during the overnight hours Low 47

Monday: Heavy rain throughout the day, heaviest during the midday hours; slowing down by evening Hi 57 Low43

Tuesday: Rain picking up in intensity after 4:00 AM. A steady rain will continue throughout the day and finally end for good by the evening Hi 56 Low 39

Wednesday:  Finally clearing out! Hi 58 Low 40

I know I haven’t posted an image in a little while, so I decided to post one for the amount of precipitation over the past 30 days and how it compares to average. Please note that these rainfall totals will change dramatically after Monday & Tuesday’s rain.

Total precipitation from past 30 days