Heat Wave to Remember this Past Weekend; More Coming

Extremely hot temperatures plagued the area this past weekend as records were broken on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the area. These temperatures will probably be the hottest of the year and even for years to come. Philadelphia hit 105 degrees on Friday. This was just one degree shy of their all time high of 106 degrees.

For the next few days, look for the heat to subside as the Bermuda high moves out. The heat will return later in the week as the Bermuda high will move back in and bring back the southern air.

Heat Wave Stats


Tropics have been fairly quiet right now. There is one invest that is worth noting in the Caribbean. If this disturbance were to organize into a tropical system, it would head into Southern Texas/Mexico as a hurricane.


Get Ready for Extreme Heat This Week

It is going to get very hot later this week as a powerful high pressure set up in the Midwest will bring in warm and humid southern air. Temperatures will be in the upper 90s or maybe even 100 degrees later this week. There is no rain in sight after tonight (some nasty storms could pass through the area tonight), so plants and trees could start to show signs of wilting by next weekend.


I also wanted to talk a little about the tropics, as it is starting to heat up. We have Tropical Storm Bret out in the Atlantic right now. It shouldn’t be any threat to land, other than the Bahamas. There have been signs of late that another storm will form next week… details are vague at the moment. As of right now, it is looking like an active hurricane season coming up this year.

More Classic Summer Thunderstorms Today

Hi everyone. Well we have another day with severe storms in the forecast. The last few days have had more isolated storms, but today a more widespread event is expected. A frontal boundary associated with a low pressure system is expected to pass through our region later today. Combine the ultra high dew-points with the instability from the front, and we get some fairly nasty storms. Right now there is a flash flood watch for the area because of the slow movement of the storms. Two inches of rain could fall in less than an hour for some of these storms!  Expect more storms to pop up and intensify as we head into the late afternoon.

Tomorrow should be much nicer then today as we finally get some relief from the hot and humid weather.

Here is the radar as of 1:40 PM. For continuous radar updates, check out the radar tab at the top of the site.

Storms Today

My Concern About the Ocean Temperatures

I am becoming more and more concerned and worried about the latest ocean temperatures for the majority of the east coast and Atlantic Ocean. I have had fellow blogger Brett Wiley introduce me to this startling observation, and as well have read about it on some other blogs as well. According to NOAA, the ocean temperatures off the east coast are well above normal. Water temperatures are currently in the mid 70s along the Jersey coast and continue to be above normal all the way down to Florida. As many people know, we are heading into the peak hurricane time-period in a month or so. Hurricanes thrive over warm ocean temperatures, part of the reason why most of them reach their strength in the Caribbean or in the Gulf of Mexico (where water temps are in the 80s and 90s). Usually by the time the hurricane reaches the cooler waters around our area, it weakens substantially and speeds up in the process.

Here is the map of the temperature anomalies for the Atlantic Ocean. Green, yellow, orange, and red represent above average temps:

Anomalies for Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean temperatures peak in mid August and usually end up reaching the mid-upper 70s. If we are already experiencing temps in the mid 70s, and it’s only July, we could be having temperatures in the 80s by the time August comes around. This is what scares me. If my prediction comes true, then hurricanes may not weaken if they move into our area.

I will continue to monitor the situation in the Atlantic for the next few months.  Stay tuned to Philaburbia Weather for the next few months.