My Concern About the Ocean Temperatures

I am becoming more and more concerned and worried about the latest ocean temperatures for the majority of the east coast and Atlantic Ocean. I have had fellow blogger Brett Wiley introduce me to this startling observation, and as well have read about it on some other blogs as well. According to NOAA, the ocean temperatures off the east coast are well above normal. Water temperatures are currently in the mid 70s along the Jersey coast and continue to be above normal all the way down to Florida. As many people know, we are heading into the peak hurricane time-period in a month or so. Hurricanes thrive over warm ocean temperatures, part of the reason why most of them reach their strength in the Caribbean or in the Gulf of Mexico (where water temps are in the 80s and 90s). Usually by the time the hurricane reaches the cooler waters around our area, it weakens substantially and speeds up in the process.

Here is the map of the temperature anomalies for the Atlantic Ocean. Green, yellow, orange, and red represent above average temps:

Anomalies for Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean temperatures peak in mid August and usually end up reaching the mid-upper 70s. If we are already experiencing temps in the mid 70s, and it’s only July, we could be having temperatures in the 80s by the time August comes around. This is what scares me. If my prediction comes true, then hurricanes may not weaken if they move into our area.

I will continue to monitor the situation in the Atlantic for the next few months.  Stay tuned to Philaburbia Weather for the next few months.


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