Back in Action!

Hey everyone… I was pleasantly surprised to see people still visiting the dormant website over  the past few months. This will be the first post of many for Philaburbia Weather’s 2nd winter season. There will hopefully be some new features in the upcoming months including a new look to the site, maybe a twitter to the site, and even an iphone app (maybe :)).

And now to the weather:

Today was one of the warmest days on record, with the temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 70s in spots. Tomorrow will be one of the last nice days of the year until the real cold starts to move in from Canada over the next few weeks.

Tonight: Becoming clear late Low 54

Thursday the 28th: Mostly sunny and warm Hi 74

Thursday Night: Clear and much cooler Low 45

Friday: Much cooler and windier. Sunny. Hi 55 Low 34   WATCH FOR FROST

Saturday:  Cool and sunny Hi 57 Low 39

Also we will probably have a Frost Advisory issued for Friday night as the low will drop into the lower 30s.

I’d like to end today with a map of the current fall foliage going on in the Northeast:

Current Fall Foliage Map