After Another Bust, A New Storm is on the Horizon for Christmas

Well, the storm that I talked about earlier this week that had some potential for snow turned out to be another bust for the weather models (specifically the European). BUT!! We have another storm that has a decent chance of at least giving us at least 1-3 inches of snow.

A clipper is expected to pass through the area on Christmas Eve. This would give us a base total of 1-3 inches. The big question is whether this clipper will ride the trough and blow up into a major snowstorm. The unreliable GFS model has been showing the clipper turn into the nor easter for maybe 6-8 runs now. Many other models are starting to show it as well.

Here is the GFS 12Z from today:

Christmas Storm Speculation

And here is the European Model:

EURO Christmas Storm

Right now, it is looking very favorable for snow. The pattern is looking very good and the upper atmospheric troughs seem to support a Clipper transitioning into a Blizzard. I will not be announcing snowfall total estimates until Wednesday.

I will say that we will get snow Christmas regardless of whether a Nor Easter forms or not. The Clipper will still move through, but the question is whether this Clipper rides the coast or stays out to sea.