Thursday Storm Bites the Dust; Warmer Temperatures Coming!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to apologize for the over hype for the Thursday storm. I had many people come up to me today and ask how much snow we’re getting on Thursday. The fact is, we’re probably not getting any snow on Thursday. The trough in the east has flattened out to sea. The trough is the path a storm takes when it moves west to east. A sharper trough means a storm riding the coast; a flatter trough means a storm is out to sea. All computer models are showing a flattened trough on Thursday which means the storm will be likely suppressed out to sea. I’d expect a partly cloudy day Thursday with below average temperatures.

I also wanted to talk about switch in the weather pattern next week: Temperatures will rise next week as the La Nina we’ve been waiting for all winter finally shows its face. By next Wednesday, I’m guessing any snow on grass will be gone. There will be a break from any storms, rain or snow, for the next 10 days or so.

This break in the pattern gives many weathermen and enthusiasts a well deserved break. Of course just because it will get warmer next week doesn’t mean winter is over. Cold weather should return in late February and early March as Old Man Winter fights his last fight. For the snow lovers: Your time has ended until late February. For the warmer weather lovers: enjoy the next week and a half!

I am going to try to have some newer features this week to compensate for the lack of storminess. I will be reviving my 5 day forecast and will be having more “day-to-day” forecasts instead of “storm to storm” ones. A “this day in history” feature may be started sometime this week as well.