Some Snow Showers Sunday. Lots of Uncertainty This Week

Well, the “storm” that was supposed to be tomorrow will stay more south than I originally thought. Washington DC and Cincinnati will be getting a decent snowfall from this storm, not Philly. I still believe that the models are showing the storm a little too far south at this point. Many news stations are calling for just cloudy skies tomorrow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a snow shower passes over the region and coats grassy surfaces.

For the upcoming week, the weather pattern is complicated. We are looking at two possible storms in 5 days, each with a chance to give us some snow.

The first chance would be on Wednesday. This storm is looking to be sloppy one with snow changing to rain and back to snow at the end. Right now, the models are all over the place. Some are showing it not phasing with the jet and some are showing it ride the coast and give us a decent storm. Right now it’s a waiting game until we get into the short-range.

The second chance is looking to be on Saturday. This storm has the most potential of giving us a substantial snow. The only aspect of both of these upcoming storms I am sure about are the cold temperatures. We will be having temps that will be way below normal (40 and low 50s). Bundle up this week, because it’s going to be a cold, wet, and snowy one.

Finally, here is a map showing the confusion of the weather models. This is portraying Wednesday night and shows one elongated storm instead of two separate ones. In this case, we would be getting 2-4 inches of snow Wednesday night with no storm on Saturday:


Snow chance on Wednesday