Snow Map for Weekend January Snowstorm of 2012

Every major computer model is in consensus on a storm affecting our area late tonight into Saturday afternoon. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the whole area until 5 PM Saturday. Currently the storm is streaking across the midwest, dropping a few inches of snow on Chicago and Indianapolis. By late tonight the first snow flakes will fall in the Western areas of our region. By early Saturday, most areas will be in the thick of the storm. By late morning, warm air aloft will change the snow to mix around the city and dangerous freezing rain in the NW suburbs.

Here is the overview,


Snow arrives 11 PM-2 AM west to east.

Moderate snow 2 AM-6 AM

Heaviest snow 6 AM-10 AM (mixing with rain in South Jersey and Philadelphia)

Snow changing to ice north and west: 10 AM-2 PM Saturday

Snow ends: 2 PM-6 PM Saturday


Roads will become very slick Saturday morning as the snow will change to freezing rain. StateDOT crews have put salt on the roads and it should be effective to an extent. One current observation I have are about the current temperatures around the region. At my house the temperature is 25 degrees, much warmer than what the computer models were projecting for this timeframe. I am worried that areas north and west of the city could receive a substantial amount of freezing rain as the surface temperatures stay below freezing, while the air aloft climbs above freezing tomorrow. Roads will be in bad shape into the afternoon and I do not recommend going out into this mess. Just stay home, have a hot cup of tea under a blanket, and read a good book.


At the Jersey shore, primarily rain will fall as temperatures will stay above freezing. South Jersey should have a quick change to rain after a coating to an inch of snow. Areas around the city should have an eventual change to rain after 1-3 inches of snow. The north and west suburbs should have 3-5 inches of  snow falling before changing to some freezing rain. Ice accumulations possible in this area. In the Lehigh Valley and north, all snow is expected: 6-8 inches.

Snow Map:

Weekend January Snowstorm 2012