A Nice Couple of Days Coming Up

The pattern is finally starting to improve and I believe we probably have one or two storms to go before severe weather starts around here. The first one will be on Thursday or Friday of this week. The second one is a little more of a mystery, but it’s looking to be coming next Wednesday the 17th. The next few days are going to be great… go outside and run around, because it may not get this warm for a little while.

Here is the forecast:

Today: Sunny and mild. Great day to go outside! Hi 49

Tonight: Getting very cold at night; clear Low 29

Tomorrow: Ever warmer and sunny Hi 56

Tomorrow Night: Clear and chilly… make sure that you wear  a coat this night Low 30

Monday: Another beauty; a few more clouds than there were during the weekend Hi 55 Low 34

Tuesday: Finally getting more seasonable for this time of year. Mix of clouds and sun Hi 48 Low 32


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